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First Session with Mistress

I arrived at Mistress’ house, and swallowed hard in anticipation when she opened the door. She was a beautiful and sensuous woman, but her face was stern as she motioned me inside. At her command, I stripped naked and lay on the floor face down, arms and legs outstretched. A long moment passed, and I began to quiver, wondering if I’d gone too far in pursuing my fantasies of submission.

"You're in for a long day, boy," she told me coldly. "If you have any second thoughts, you'd better get up and put on your clothes, and leave right now." But I hadn't come this far to turn back. I told her that it was my ultimate goal to be a slave to her, and that I would be staying.

She laughed indulgently. "I hope you don't regret that tomorrow." Casually, she spread my legs wider with her foot, and gave my cock and balls a slight kick so that I squirmed in pain. "And don't wriggle like that," she added. "That was nothing." She bent down to secure cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and commanded me to get up and follow her into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom she ordered me into the tub, and told me to get down on all fours to be "cleaned out". I waited nervously as she dabbed K-Y jelly between my buttocks and inserted the nozzle of the enema bag. She filled my ass with warm water, and I clenched as hard as I could, desperate not to spill a drop. But she wasn't going to make it easy. She reached over and began to lightly touch my balls through my legs, so that my cock stiffened and bobbed under my belly. She toyed with my genitals in silence, gently stroking until I was whimpering in agony from the cramping in my stomach. Only then did she allow me to get on the toilet and expel the water. And then she told me to get down for another cleansing, and another, until the nozzle had invaded my ass four or five times and I was completely empty. Then she had me follow her into her "chamber".

This room had an assortment of devices and restraints. Some looked intriguing, others terrifying, and I hoped that she would see fit to use only a few of them on me today. But when she commanded me to lie back on some sort of bench, I could only submit, and pray that she would be merciful in her use of me. Her strong hands seized my arms, stretching them, and fastened my wrists to two poles. She drew my legs upward and outward, leaving my cock, balls, and asshole open to her. My Lady straddled my head as she stood above me, and I was almost overcome by the sweetness of the raw scent between her legs. She informed me that I was going to tongue and suck her pussy, while she decorated my cock, balls, and ass. Suiting action to word, she bent forward, lowering herself onto my mouth. I lightly licked around the outside of her hot, moist slit, wanting to work my way into her slowly.

"I told you to suck, damn it!" My Lady hissed, and gave me an impatient swat across the balls. Waves of pain shot up my body.

"Yes, My Lady!" I cried.

Again, her hand slapped sharply against my balls. "You will do as I say or suffer the consequences. Now do it properly, slave. Harder and deeper!" Helpless to disobey, I plunged my tongue in as far as it would go. She ground her hips into my face and gave a moan of approval as I lapped and sucked as deep and as hard as I could. As I worked her with my mouth, I felt her hands on my cock and balls, slipping a steel ring into place around them. Soon after followed the sudden chill of ice, and my hard cock shrivelled and went limp. My Lady quickly forced it into the confines of a metal cage small enough to make erection impossible. As soon as my cock began to swell, it was trapped in the cage, so that arousal was both frustrating and painful. No sooner was my cock immobilized than she attached a ball stretcher, forcing my testicles downward and away from my body. And as if that were not enough, she found a butt plug, lubed it with K-Y, and forced it deep into my ass. I was hers. She ground her pussy into my face for a few more minutes, and then got up off me.

She looked at me and said, with a knowing smile, "It seems that you can serve a woman well when you try, slave. You were a little slow with your tongue at first, but after just a little motivation, you were wonderful. Good enough that you're going to have the pleasure of doing my ass, the exact same way."

"Please, My Lady," I protested, "I've never done anything like that before."

She met my pleading eyes with a stern glare. "That's your problem, not mine. You're here to follow orders. If I say eat my ass, you say how long, how deep, and how hard, got it?"

I looked at her and continued to beg her not to make me suffer that degradation. She listened for a minute, her expression half-amused but certainly not sympathetic, and then cut me off with an impatient wave of her hand. "You clearly need a lesson in obedience now that you are my property," she said as she reached for a razor strop. "I think 15 lashes with this will do wonders for your attitude." She was able to keep me securely fastened to that horrendous bench as she flipped me over so that I was face down again. She pulled another strap tight around my waist, so that I would not be able to wriggle or writhe away. Suddenly frightened, I struggled with all my might, but lay fixed in place as if glued there. She drew back with the strop and let the first one go. I saw stars, and my ass was on fire. I let out a loud yell.

"If you're going to scream like that, I think I'll have gag you," she said, as she forced a dildo gag deep into my mouth. "After all" – she buckled the gag tightly into place at the back of my head – "I'd like to finish without any further interruptions." With each lash I struggled against my restraints, to no avail, and screamed into the gag as the inevitable welt rose up red and angry on my ass. By the sixth blow, tears rolled down my face. By the eleventh one, I thought I would pass out.

"Fifteen!" she called, finally, and lowered the strop. "There, you lived, didn't you? But when I tell you to do something, I rather suspect that you'll think twice before refusing."

"Yes, Mistress!" I exclaimed fervently.

She stroked my forehead almost tenderly, but her smile was cold and triumphant. "Very good, my slave. But I hope you're ready to prove it. I'm going to flip you over on your back, and you're going to give my ass the best tongue cleaning it has ever had. Now." Trembling with apprehension, I let her roll me back over, though I sighed with relief as she pulled the dildo gag free and set it aside. But I knew, of course, what was going to happen next. She spread her cheeks wide open with her hands and lowered her ass to my mouth. I plunged my tongue into her, as deep as I possibly could, and licked and sucked her ass like there was no tomorrow. The sting of the fresh, burning welts on my ass, as they rubbed against the leather surface of the bench, made any other course of action unthinkable. It must have been 20 or 30 minutes before she decided that she had had enough, and pulled away. But she seemed anything but displeased.

"Since you just gave my ass the best licking it has ever had, I am going to reward you," she almost purred as she smiled down at me. She unfastened the cock cage, and bent over me and began to slowly stroke my cock while at the same time caressing my stretched balls. "But you had better not come, slave, until I give you permission." And yet, as she increased the tempo of her stroking, my body betrayed me. Under her touch, with the marks of her discipline on my buttocks and the taste of her ass and her pussy fresh in my memory, there was nothing I could do to keep from coming even though she had warned me not to. As my cock started to spurt she used her hand to catch my come. She brought it up to my face without the least hesitation, and sneered and seized my hair as I began to turn away in revulsion.

"Open your mouth and lick it up whore, or you get another beating!" she cried gleefully. I looked at her and in utmost humiliation I forced myself to stick my tongue out and lap up my own fresh semen.

"Good boy. And now you can swallow." I gulped it down, but her attention was already elsewhere as she attached a cord to the ball stretcher. It made a fine leash, and she led me to a new contraption, yanking and tugging all the way. A thing like a saw horse, but equipped with heavy leather cuffs to receive captive wrists and ankles. Without being told, I bent over it and waited with closed eyes and pounding heart as she locked me into place.

"You," she said from somewhere behind me, "are in the perfect fucking position. And I know exactly what to do about it, too." I felt her fingers between my buttocks, and at her gentle tug the butt plug came free with a small, somehow humiliating popping sound. The void it left behind seemed to cry out to be filled, and I had no doubt that it soon would be. Even with my head bowed in shame, I could not help but see the enormous dildo that was strapped between her legs as she walked around to the front. Two inches across, maybe three, and a good eight inches long. It even had veins like a real cock.

"Open your mouth and blow me," she snarled, as she began to whip me with a rod. The thin wood cracked hard against my ass on the very first stroke, and the pain flared up with all the sudden intensity of her hardest blows with the razor strop a few minutes before. Before I could even express my anguish with a strangled cry, she struck me again and again, this time right at the tender cleft of my anus. I yelled as long and loud as I ever had in my life, and my eyes started to water. I couldn't help it. But as I screamed, she plunged the full length of the dildo into my open mouth, fucking my face, treating me like a whore. "Now you know what it’s like when someone gives you a blow job," she grinned. "How do you like it from the other side? Or is this your first experience of oral sex from either direction, perhaps? I'm not sure even your stupid wife would stoop so low as to suck that little thing between your legs." Perhaps it was fortunate that my mouth was preoccupied, so that I couldn’t answer. It must have been a good fifteen minutes before Lady Elizabeth got bored and decided it was time for the "fucking of my life".

"And it's going to be authentic," she assured me, sliding one strong hand up and down the length of her dildo. "This bad boy has a little attachment at the back that rubs me just the right way. So I'm going to do exactly what you do when your wife can't think of an excuse fast enough – I'm going to fuck you as hard, long, and deep as it takes to make me come. I'm guessing half an hour or so."

"Mistress, I'm not sure if I can take it," I pleaded, eyeing the massive circumference of the dildo nervously. "Not for that long."

"Haven't you learned your place yet, boy? You're a toy, a plaything. I'm going to use you exactly as I want, within the limits that I consider safe. Your opinion isn't of much interest to me – and besides, you should only be thinking of how much you want to serve me and give me pleasure." With that, she took a handful of K-Y and applied it to my asshole, this time not a genteel little dab but a broad smearing that went deep inside and all around. Only when I was thoroughly coated did she position the tip of the dildo against my puckered hole and begin to press. Slowly, patiently, she pushed harder and harder until the head suddenly popped through my sphincter and I let out a low moan. She thrust deeper, very quickly, and it felt like a hot poker had been rammed up my ass as she drove the dildo in to the hilt.

"Oh God...please Mistress....oh please stop," I screamed and cried, over and over. I had never felt anything like this before in my life. She pulled out and rammed it back in, faster and harder than before. And that was still only the beginning. After 15 minutes of being ridden by Mistress, I began to moan and sob like a baby. When she grew tired of listening she clapped one hand across my mouth, silencing me as effectively as any gag, and with the other she slapped my balls repeatedly. For a little while I could hear nothing but her soft groans and gasps as she took her pleasure. And then, after perhaps 35 minutes, Mistress let out a yell as she plunged deeper and harder into my already throbbing ass. She had come. She dismounted, and left me strapped down, sore and shaking.

Finally she unfastened me and removed the ball stretcher, and led me by the hand into her bedroom. I was almost suspicious of her kindness when she told me in a gentle, strangely affectionate voice to get into bed with her. She lay next to me and told me what a good slave I was becoming, and that there would be pleasure along with all of the pain. She brought her mouth to mine and her tongue parted my lips and found its way deep into my throat. I didn't know what to think as I lay there enveloped in the tenderness of her kisses and caresses, and yet still feeling overwhelmed and even brutalized by what she had done to my ass a few minutes ago. But in that bed, with her soft body pressed deliciously against mine, I wanted to forget all about her hard, domineering cruelty. After all, she had surely been a woman before she became a Mistress. Did I dare return her kisses, or touch her body with the same casual intimacy that she was touching mine? But no, I was still too afraid of her. And in fact,I was just starting to relax when My Lady suddenly smacked my bruised ass hard with her hand, and her whole demeanour changed with the suddenness of a thunderbolt.

"Time for some more fun, hmmm?" she asked with a smile. I shuddered at her sudden return to harshness even as my cock swelled with renewed excitement. She reached down and picked up the ball stretcher.

"Lie back," she said, a bit roughly. "I want to put this back on – spread your legs." Once it was securely in place she attached the lead and gave a sharp yank. It was time to follow her back into the playroom, and lie down again on the bench, damp with my tears and sweat though it still was. This time the buttplug she selected was larger and thicker, and despite the liberal coating of K-Y jelly she had to push hard to force it into my already aching asshole. She gave a tight smile as I winced and squirmed, trying to get comfortable.

"You should be grateful for the pain," she said coolly. "It might just keep your mind off what is to come."

"Dare I ask, My Lady?" I groaned.

"Insolent boy. You're going to be my toilet."

I shook my head violently, which seemed to amuse her. She looked me in the eyes, and her smile widened. "Oh, yes, my slut. You may think you're not going to go along with it, but you will. I'm going to start with the razor strop. Three good, hard lashes. Then you can have half a minute or so to beg to be my toilet. If you don't, it will be three more lashes, with something else. Something worse. So if you're stubborn about this, you'll only bring yourself more pain, and the outcome won't change a bit. Sooner or later, you'll beg. I don't suppose you're sensible enough to go ahead and do it right now?"

I said nothing, and she gave a casual shrug. "All right, then, it's time to re-introduce you to your friend the strop." She hit me with it, three hard and fast strokes. The pain on my sensitized ass was almost unbearable, but I had no intention of letting her make me into a toilet, let alone begging for it. I shook my head grimly when she asked if I had anything to say, though I spoiled the defiant effect with a little sob. But she gave me my half minute, more or less, before starting in with the cat of nine tails. As she had promised, it was worse. By the end of this second set, tears were running down my cheeks, and I was moaning in true pain. Again she asked if I had anything to say and again I shook my head, resisting her. For the third set she used her riding crop, striking hard and with a savage intensity. With each lash I screamed. This time she only gave me a cold, expectant look, but I met her eyes and shook my head. She seemed almost to be counting seconds before she finally picked up her bullwhip for my fourth round of punishment. Worse and worse, she had promised. But I hadn't expected it to get this much worse this quickly!

"My Lady, please..."

"Too late." I screamed in agony as the first blow struck home, like a hot iron laid across my back. I would have begged to drink her piss, I would have said anything that would prevent a second blow, but she thrust a gag into my mouth the instant it came open. It was barely sufficient to muffle my shrieks of pain as she brought down that cruel whip a second time, and a third. I made incoherent noises into the gag, trying desperately to articulate the words that would indicate my surrender. After a moment she stepped forward and pulled the gag from between my lips.

"My Lady please let me drink your piss eat your shit do anything you want be your slut be your toilet please don't hit oh god the pain it hurts it hurts please let me drink your piss and be your toilet oh please My Lady like holy hell it hurts and –"

"Hush." She tapped me lightly on the mouth, with one finger, and I subsided immediately. Her hand stroked my forehead, gently but possessively. "You may drink my piss, slave," she said soothingly. "I knew you would come around." I did not resist as she rolled me onto my back and straddled my head with her legs. "Believe me," she murmured, "you'll learn to love this, after I've had a bit longer to train you. You'll come to think of my piss as divine nectar, or golden honey. The fount of the sacred temple."

But right now, it just seemed like something I had to endure to make her stop hurting me. I watched apprehensively as she parted her labia with her fingers, and lowered herself toward my open waiting mouth and protruding tongue. She told me to start licking her, her voice suddenly thick and excited. And as I thrust my tongue in deep, like a good slave, I felt a warm liquid begin to trickle from her. Its acrid taste began to fill my mouth, and she glanced down and told me to start swallowing. A good toilet, she reminded me, wouldn't miss even one drop. I choked it down almost frantically, and if I didn't get every drop I at least did well enough that she smiled down and commended me as she pulled away.

"That wasn't too bad, was it?" she asked, smiling as I coughed.

I shook my head fervently, fearing the bullwhip. "No, My Lady. Thank you for your nectar."

"You're welcome. Time to shower." I got eagerly to my feet as soon as she had me unfastened, and hurried along behind her as she led me by the balls into the bathroom.

There Mistress stripped me even of the ball stretcher, and pulled out the buttplug. Her hands on my body were firm and brisk, but not ungentle. I had been afraid she would make me stand shivering under a cold spray, but instead she stepped into warm water and beckoned me to join her. She let me relax and enjoy the warmth for a moment before handing me a loofa pad.

"Head to toe, slave," she instructed. "Do every inch of me, and do it gently. Then over again, with a soapy washcloth. And then we'll see about getting you cleaned up." And so I knelt, dutifully, to start with her feet and work up her legs before moving on to her pussy and ass. I then cleaned her stomach and back, her shoulders and her wet, magnificent breasts. I finished off by washing and massaging her hair and scalp.

"Very nice," she said approvingly. "You've done well – and now it's your turn." She took a much coarser brush and began to scrub my body. It was uncomfortable, but not too painful. But she was quite rough with my cock and my balls, and I gave a quiet moan.

Then her hand was at my ass. "I think we're going to have make sure this is nice and clean," she said into my ear. "I'll have to reach in there and check it out."

"Please My Lady," I whimpered, "It's already so sore." But she ignored my plea and put her hand on the back of my neck to bend me over. I quivered under the warm water as she spread my buttocks and proceeded to work her soapy hand into my asshole, slowly but quite implacably. I had thought the dildo was bad, but this was worse. Her hand seemed to get wider and wider, like a wedge forcing its way into my body. And finally, when I felt like I couldn't possibly stretch any further without tearing wide open, she told me to relax and then gave a quick shove as soon as she felt me obey. Her hand was in my ass.

But she wasn't finished. "Hold still," she commanded, and pushed in further. Her arm must have pushed another 3 or 4 inches into my ass, and I bit my tongue in order not to cry out. Her fingers probed and prodded as she "checked me out" to her satisfaction. And despite the pain and humiliation of having her hand inside me, or perhaps because of it, I started to get erect, and she looked up and smiled knowingly. But she finally pulled out, without saying another word, and told me to dry both of us off. Her first, of course, and then me.

Afterwards she sent me to the kitchen – to satisfy her other appetites, as she put it. "Use your imagination," she instructed. Fortunately the cupboards and refrigerator were well-enough stocked to make it easy. Gourmet cooking was beyond my abilities, but with pasta, bread, sauce and wine I could fix my Mistress a basic meal. When it was ready I served her in the dining room, and lay prone on the floor to massage her feet and toes while she slowly worked her way through the food I had placed before her. From time to time would throw me a piece of bread to eat, and when she had finished her wine she motioned me up to my knees and pulled my head back by the hair for a deep, domineering kiss.

"Oh, My Lady," I gasped as she pulled away.

She looked deep into my eyes and put her hand on my sore, tender balls. Slowly she closed her fist, the pressure gradually building until I wanted to sob and cry out in pain. But I bit my lip and remained silent, enduring what she wanted me to endure.

"Be here the same time next Saturday," she said simply. "And be prepared to spend the night." I knew I would see her again as she gave my balls one last violent tug and my ass a hard slap. And I knew, from that curt instruction to return, that My Lady was pleased with me.


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