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Articles and Femdom Stories

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A series of articles by Mistress Violette and a small collection of stories written by her submissives. The article titles should be self-explanatory but, if you're in doubt, hey, just click on one; you've got nothing to lose. What you've got to gain is some information about submission that just might help you in your search for a dominant partner. Not a bad return for a bit of your time.

You're going to love the stories. Written by slaves, for slaves, these exciting fantasies will wind you up. Mistress gives you permission to unwind when necessary.

Mistress is aware that the collection is small. That's to leave you wanting more. One highly talented slave is responsible for the best of these stories. Check back for a link to his e-books, then buy them for your satisfaction.

Click the links near the top of the page, or the links below to visit the articles pages.

Article 1 - Styles of BDSM

Article 2 - How to respond to a personal ad

Article 3 - Introducing your partner to BDSM

Article 4 - Safety

Article 5 - What you offer a Dominant

Article 6 - Pro Dommes

Article 7 - Getting Damn Good


Story 1 - The Very Best Night

Story 2 - Lady of the Mists

Story 3 - First Session with Mistress

Story 4 - Handyman



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