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Mistress Violette
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It's permissible to call Mistress Violette just to talk. Not everyone is ready right now to plunge into an exploration of submission. You may have questions, you may have concerns, you may want advice, you may need an experienced and sympathetic ear. As long as you approach me intelligently and with respect, we should get along just fine. If now is the time for you to really submit, however, and you want to do that with Mistress, you need to know how that's going to happen.

Mistress Violette will explore your interests and needs to help you surrender, to actually experience submission. We'll being doing dominance and submission, not role play. If your experience to date has been with phone sex actresses, this is going to be a little different. I'll find out what you know, or think you know, about submission. Then Mistress will find out your desires and needs. These need to be compatible with Mistress Violette's, because we're both going to have fun here. Once we've agreed that we're good to go, here is some of what you can expect.

You'll often be naked when you're interacting with Mistress Violette. Part of that is to reinforce the vulnerability of submission. The other part of it is just that Mistress likes naked submissives.

You will surrender some of your power to Mistress and feel her control in your life. The changes will be discreet. Others won't notice them but you'll feel the effects of your surrender

Mistress may have you do some simple self-bondage. Mistress will keep it simple for safety's sake.

You will be doing things to please Mistress. She may send you off to buy a toy that she will use with you. Mistress may have you wear something special at certain times. She may restrict some of your pleasures so she can enjoy your discomfort.

You may be able to provide service. In real life BDSM this means Mistress takes advantage of some talent you have, to make life easier for her. It could be anything from drawing her bath to weeding her garden. A long distance interaction is somewhat limiting but Mistress is reasonably sure she can find a skill to exploit for my comfort and convenience.

You will be reporting to Mistress regularly, either by phone or e-mail. If you're not comfortable expressing your thoughts Mistress Violette is not the dominant for you.

If you mess up badly, you will be disciplined. Don't even think about messing up on purpose, for the fun of being punished. Mistress can make it definitely not fun.

You know the drill with sexual release. It's under Mistress Violete's control. We'll work around your personal life so there are no untidy complications. It'll be our little secret, but it will be on your mind constantly.



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