email domination


Email Domination


Professional Mistress Violet is a Pro Domme specializing in email domination.

At its core, BDSM is about power and control. A submissive offers his power and the ability to control him to a dominant; she accepts it. All those other delightful things -- CBT, bondage, pain play, chastity, humiliation, service -- are just outward manifestations of the giving and acceptance of power and control. Email domination is Mistress Violette's way of communicating her power.

A few lucky, discerning submissive men have had the privilege and satisfaction of using Professional Mistress Violette's email domination, living under her direction, and learning to do things in a way that makes her happy. When they did well, they were rewarded. When they didn't, they were corrected. Sometimes the reward and the correction were exactly the same. What made them effective in different ways was Professional Mistress Violette's skill at understanding her submissives and using her control in the most productive way, via email domination.